Morrison Ranch South homes are some of the hottest, most desirable homes in Agoura Hills, and they’ve only gotten more popular. The homes are beautifully crafted with large, luscious lawns. It’s not hard to tell that people living there really like to take care of their surroundings and their life. It’s the kind of place where people pass by and say “Wow. I sure wish I lived there.” 

The neighborhood has a deep history that has recently grown into one of the most popular and sought-after places to buy a home in LA. The community has gone from farming and agriculture to a respectful neighborhood full of business professionals and their families.

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The average home in the area costs somewhere around $1.3 million, with houses averaging around 3000 square feet. There are only about a hundred or so houses in Morrison Ranch South, which is great for those looking to live in a quiet, connected community not far from the main city. It’s great for pool parties, getting around the area, and enjoying life. 

Most prospective residents are middle class. Which makes the price on the higher end for the area, but it’s more than worth it. The bigger yards, better houses, spacious living, and great community will give you memories that last a lifetime. 


Despite only being a few minutes from Malibu, one might mistake Morrison Ranch for an isolated oasis, far from any big city. The neighborhood is famous for big open areas, clean air, fantastic schooling choices, low crime, and great attractions. Residents take advantage of the gorgeous trails and pristine parks, which are impossible to avoid. 

Residents especially enjoy the lowkey lifestyle that the space provides. It’s common to go on runs or bikes with friends, play a game at the baseball field, or take the kids around to a playground. You won’t find any traffic lights or curbs on the streets of this quiet suburb, and many residents are equestrians. 


We all know how easy it is to enjoy nature, but Morrison Ranch takes it to the next level. Going horseback riding or hiking, or golfing on the acres of trail at your doorstep. If you’re looking to get social, there’s a variety of country clubs and horse riding groups to join.

Perhaps one of Morrison Ranch’s best attractions is the rich history that surrounds the area. It’s hard to walk very far on the trails without bumping into a historical site or hidden gem. Who knows what you’ll pass through!  A vineyard? A museum? At Morrison Ranch, anything is possible. 


There are a few old eateries near Morrison Ranch South that have remained classics and are frequent locations of neighborhood get-togethers. A lot of the best spots are a quick drive away in Westlake Village. That might seem a bit inconvenient, but it’s actually very close, and many residents find their entertainment there as well. 

Around Morrison Ranch, the favorites are the old Italian bistros and bakeries. Trekking into Westlake, you’ll find the Promenade, a collection of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences around. Others might enjoy the Plaza, which hosts a variety of restaurants, shopping centers, and more. 

Whizin Market Square is the place to experience the unique spirit of Southern California. It’s a place to discover artisanally crafted goods, personalized services and eclectic food and drink. It’s a place to be inspired by a sense of urban sophistication in the countryside.

Blue Table is a European style cafe with sidewalk seating, communal tables, and an eclectic atmosphere! Featuring an extensive cheese and wine list, and specialty food items prepared in-house with fresh, local seasonal produce. Carrara Pastries is an authentic pasticceria featuring homemade Italian desserts. The combination of their passion and use of the freshest and finest ingredients from the Italian territory allow them to create incredible pastries that will meet the request of every sweets lover. While LA is famous for cutting edge restaurants boasting terms like “Vegan” & “Gluten Free”, that is not always a slam-dunk that will be a great experience. Luckily, with Hugo’s you know you’re in good hands as they not only have countless Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free & meat options, but it is seriously delicious."

The Canyon Club is known for the greatest bands of all time, great food, and above all else the hottest party around. The trendy and comfortable atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Whether you are looking for great live music, fine dining or just a fun night out on the town, you will never have a better night than the night you go to The Canyon Club.


Whizin Market Square is the most established market area, full of craft goods, local produce, and hidden gems. This is the ultimate shopping experience, combining the classic californian consumer experience with a country twist. Whether you’re a shopaholic, or just looking to immerse yourself in the local scene, Whizin is the place to go. 


Morrison Ranch is part of the Las Virgenes Unified School District. This district has an amazing track record of great teaching and lots of sports victories, making it a destination school district for many parents. It spans Agoura hills and its surroundings, with 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools. 

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