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How can I improve my home’s curb appeal so I’ll be ready to sell?

There are many tasks you can tackle yourself in preparation to sell. You may need to do a few touch-ups closer to listing, but you can get some of the big jobs out of the way now.

1. Spruce up your yard: Trim bushes, take note of any trees that may require professional care, add grass seed to patchy areas in your lawn and weed garden beds (and add mulch if possible).

2. Clean your driveway and exterior: Spray off your driveway using the strongest setting on your hose or a power washer if you have one. Hose down your siding (or use a low setting on your power washer, avoiding the caulking around windows). Don’t power wash the roof! It can damage your shingles. Clean your window exteriors, but wait on the interiors as they’re likely to get dirty more quickly.

3. Touch up trim and doors: Unless your paint is in bad shape overall, focus on areas that stand out. A fresh coat of paint around windows and door frames can refresh your exterior, and a newly painted door in a contrasting color can create an inviting entrance.

4. Update fixtures: Check your porch and driveway lighting. If the fixtures are rusty or dated, replacing them is a quick and inexpensive improvement.

5. Depersonalize: Just as you would declutter the interior of your home and remove some of the more personal items, do the same with your yard. You may love your garden gnomes or pink flamingos, but they could be a distraction for buyers. And, if your yard is filled with outdoor toys or a trampoline, you’ll want to pack those up before taking exterior photos or listing your home.