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Is it possible to buy a home right now?

Your agent is in the best position to know local conditions and advise you on restrictions that might affect the buyer’s ability to close.

People across the country are practicing social distancing, or, in some cities, following public health orders to stay at home. That means you might not be able to walk through a home with your agent, and your agent might not be in a position to show homes in person.

Agents have gotten creative in adopting tools and technology that allow prospective buyers to take 3D tours of a home or take a video tour with an agent. Home video tours are where the agent walks through the home with a camera, allowing you to watch virtual tours at home.

In addition to changes in how people are viewing homes, in some places, temporary business closures are affecting other key parts of the real estate transaction, namely appraisals, inspections, closing and title services, and moving. Affected businesses are looking for ways to adapt.

Mortgage services are considered essential services, so you can still apply for and secure a loan.