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Can I tour a place without going there in person?

If a video tour of a rental property is not displayed online at www.danaandjeffestates.com , Zillow or Trulia listing, there’s no harm in asking the landlord or property manager if one is available. Even if the unit is currently occupied, some landlords and property managers will take videos of an apartment during their walkthrough inspection and may have one they can send you. They may also be willing to capture and upload a 3D Home tour, which can be done using an iPhone. You can send them this link with information.

If the unit is unoccupied or the tenant has agreed for the property to be shown, you can also request a video walkthrough via FaceTime or apps like Skype and WhatsApp.

Finally, keep an eye out for rental listings on www.danaandjeffestates.com, Zillow and Trulia with a “3D Home” label — this indicates the listing has a 3D Home tour, in which you can “walk” from room to room by clicking on the image at your own pace. Multifamily properties also often have websites with video or virtual tours that can help inform your decision.