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Can I show my house without having anyone come into my home?

Remote tours are an excellent alternative for generating interest in your home if open houses and tours are not an option due to local MLS restrictions or public health orders.

Here are some ways to give prospective buyers a thorough look at your home:

Recorded video tours

Under normal circumstances, your listing agent might record a video tour of your home to share on Zillow or Trulia. However, if social distancing or health reasons require that no one else come into your home, you can ask your agent for tips on how to record a tour yourself, which they can then upload to your listing. Here are some best practices agents have shared with us:

Before recording:

  • Clean and organize your home as you would for an open house.
  • Turn on all the lights and open all the doors.
  • Plot your route. Generally, it works best to start at the front door, tour the first floor, then the second floor if there is one, and end in the backyard.
  • Keep family members and pets out of view.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode so your video isn’t ruined by an incoming call or message.


  • Start your tour in front of the home and pan the street before approaching the front door.
  • Narrate as you go, commenting on features like flooring and window treatments as well as neighborhood characteristics.
  • Open closet doors and describe the storage situation.
  • Smoothly pan your smartphone up and down as you film to capture every aspect of the home.
  • Tell the story of your home, but not the story of your life in that home. Avoid including personal details or anecdotes.

Live video tours

This option is more complicated, but it might be the right fit for some sellers. Talk to your agent about if and how to arrange a live video walkthrough with buyers who are interested in your home.