The Top Reasons Why Californians Are Relocating to Texas

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Texas is hot right now, not just literally, but also metaphorically. Californians are seriously feeling Texas, they can’t stop moving there. In 2019, just over 80,000 people relocated from Cali to Texas. And that number is only expected to trend upwards in upcoming years. Of course, Texans also move to California, but not at nearly the same rates. In fact, the Texas exodus, if you will, shows less than half the migration rate. If we look at the same year (2019), only about 37,000 Texas residents chose to up and leave in favor of the Golden State. So, Texans want to stay, and Californians want to go, but why?

Big Californian Companies Have Moved to Texas

That’s right, some of the major business players that were once based out of California have left in favor of Texas. Among them, Charles Schwab, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. But while the move of big companies can account directly for some of the migrating population, it’s really just a telltale sign of the bigger picture. High housing costs, lower tax rates, and strict business regulations are some of the primary reasons why big companies are choosing to leave Cali in favor of Texas, where there’s a lower cost of living and significantly more favorable tax laws.

Affordable Housing

Houses in California are incredibly expensive, it’s not a secret. Houses in Texas? Not so much. A house that might cost you a million bucks in Cali will probably only set you back $400,000 in Texas. That’s a big chunk of change saved. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Texas homes cost less than $250,000. Try finding a decent house in California for that cheap… you’ll probably struggle.


Zero Income Tax

They say everything’s bigger in Texas... But not income tax rates. The income rate in Texas is, well, zero. California, on the other hand, boasts one of the highest income tax rates in the entire country. That’s a lot of savings and a huge factor in why so many Californians are migrating to the Lone Star State.

Outdoor Attractions

California is beautiful, and it certainly has its fair share of things to do outside. But if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and want to leave the state, where do you go? You guessed it… Texas is a good option because the outdoor attractions there are equally as brilliant. It has a coastline, deserts, canyons, forests, mountains, prairies, national parks. It’s a top-notch state for outdoor enthusiasts. 


Good Weather

Texas can be hot in the summer months, but if you’re willing to deal with very high temperatures for three months of the year, the other nine are going to be balmy and beautiful. Texas weather does vary depending on where you go in the state. Some areas in East Texas and near the coast can be very humid, but cities like Dallas and Fort Worth are drier.

There’s a Booming State Economy

The Texas state economy is very healthy, actually, it’s got the 12th best state economy in the U.S. California has an excellent state economy too, don’t get us wrong. But if you’re going to leave a place with a good state economy, it’s a bonus to move to one that also has a healthy GDP. A state economy is more important than you may realize because a state with a good economy is likely to have good economic and employment growth and lower rates of poverty and unemployment.

Overall, Texas is attracting Californians for a number of understandable reasons. It’s got a lot going for it, and while Cali still has a very healthy population, it’s losing residents at a pretty rapid pace. Of course, if moving away from Cali is something you’re considering, you have 49 states to choose from as a new home base, and Texas might be a state to seriously consider. 

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