LA Restaurants - Where You Can Eat Outside Today

LA Restaurants Where You Can Eat Outside Today

A running list of reopened LA restaurants with patios and outdoor spaces where you can eat and drink.

Updated July 20th, 2020

On May 29, LA restaurants were given the OK to reopen for dine-in service. One month (and one COVID spike of epic proportions) later, they were ordered to shut down yet again. Outdoor dining, however, remains an option - so we made this guide. 

If you’re looking for restaurants doing outdoor dining for the first time, check out our guide to LA Restaurants With New Patios And Outdoor Seating. For our full guide to the city’s takeout and delivery options, check out the Ultimate Los Angeles Delivery & Takeout Guide.


Inn of the Seventh Ray

Buried deep in the Malibu mountains at Topanga State Park is Inn Of The Seventh Ray, which has reopened for all-day dining. The leafy patio is an extremely pleasant place to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially with a cheese plate, some crispy shrimp cakes, and a glass of wine. Or three.

Malibu Farm

Home to one of the best views in LA, Malibu Farm has reopened their restaurant - or at least the patio portion of it - on the Malibu Pier, if you want to stop in for a brunch cocktail and those excellent berry-topped pancakes after a trip up PCH. Malibu Cafe (their sibling restaurant at the end of the Pier) is still closed.


The closest you came to dining by the water during quarantine was parking your car on the side of Silver Lake Reservoir and eating a snack pack of hummus and pretzel chips. If you’re looking to come back with a bang, Nobu Malibu is a great place to do it. They’ve got some of the best views of the Pacific in town, and - this is a scientific fact - no one has ever been mad about eating their yellowtail with jalapeño.

Reel Inn

If you’ve driven on PCH before, then you’ve seen Reel Inn’s giant neon sign. This retro spot is full of red checkered picnic tables that you’ll fill up with seafood classics like fish and chips, fried calamari, and steamed mussels. No one has ever been mad about eating fish and chips with a pitcher of beer while looking at the ocean, so this is a great place to spend an afternoon.


The Draycott

We can’t all live in the Palisades, but we can at least have dinner there every once in a while. And The Draycott is a great place to do that, especially on the patio full of wicker chairs and white tablecloths. The English pea dip with sourdough is a good place to start, and we also like the hanger steak frites with Bearnaise sauce. Things can get expensive quickly, so just keep that in mind.


The Double Barrel

Upscale watering hole Double Barrel is open with a massive selection of whiskey to drink on one of their two quiet patios. They’ve also got a wide range of barrel-aged whiskey cocktails, too. For food, they have shareable options like flatbreads and cheese boards, along with large plates of grilled meat. Call (310) 657-5040 for reservations.

Il Cielo

Old-school Italian spot Il Cielo is open in Beverly Hills, with a big patio involving a lot of trees and Roman columns. They’ve got everything you’d expect at a spot like this: Bucatini all’Amatriciana, whole branzino, and lots of focaccia. Reservations recommended.

Madeo Restaurant

If your agent is insisting on meeting for the first time in months, chances are your lunch will be at Madeo, the high-end Italian spot in Beverly Hills. They opened up their patio on Camden for all the prosciutto e melone, fagioli e aragosta, and veal ravioli your wallet can handle.

Ocean Prime

Upscale chain Ocean Prime has reopened their huge Beverly Hills patio with all kinds of steakhouse classics, plus some stuff you might not expect (like sushi rolls). Make a reservation online.

Prospect Gourmand

Beverly Hills all-day spot Prospect Gourmand has sidewalk seating open on Robertson Blvd. near Wilshire. They’re open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, all with the same menu, which involves options like handmade fettuccine, tri-tip sandwiches, and steak frites. Reservations recommended - call (424) 777-0481.

Rooftop By JG

Unless you count that time in April when you tried to scare a raccoon away from your chimney, you probably haven’t spent much time on rooftops lately. If you want to change that, The Rooftop By JG is back open at the Waldorf Astoria. Focus on the cocktails - we like the ginger margarita - which are ideal for drinking next to a pool and pretending the world isn’t on fire.

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