How You Can Start a Business and Move at the Same Time

Do you want to know how to start a business and move at the same time? Boxes and lots of accordion folders! But it also helps if you know what to expect. Do you know exactly what happens when you buy a house? Have you ever started a business before? Have you ever done them both at the same time?

Dana and Jeff have put together this quick guide to starting a business and buying a home and moving at the same time.

What does the home-buying process entail?

If you think buying a home is as simple as buying a car, you are in for a surprise. The home-buying process involves numerous steps that you should be aware of before starting your home-buying journey:


  1. Determine Your Budget

  2. Save Up Money

  3. Get Pre-approved 

  4. Hire an Agent

  5. Find a Home

  6. Make an Offer

  7. Home Inspection and Appraisal

  8. Ask for Credits or Repairs

  9. Final Walkthrough

10. Sign and Close

Should I Build a Home?

You don’t want to waste your time moving from one home that’s too small or not right for your business needs into another home that’s no different! Building a house allows for customization that fits both your business and personal needs. Just don’t forget to make sure your new home has everything you need to start your business.


Home Features to Consider:

  • Office in a quiet area, separate from the living areas
  • Areas for specialty work (For example, if you are doing automotive work, you will most likely want a larger garage with a big door.)
  • Lighting and outlets 

What does it take to launch a home-based business?

First of all, the US Small Business Administration has a great guide for getting started! Here are some crucial steps in the process:


  1. Conduct Market Research and Business Analysis

  2. Compose a Business Plan

  3. Get Funding for Your Business

  4. Pick a Business Structure

  5. Pick a Business Name

  6. Register Your Business

  7. Get Federal and State Tax IDs

  8. Get Any Necessary Licenses and Permits

  9. Set Up Business Accounts


Market research, business analysis, and composing a business plan are the cornerstones of your business. Do them thoroughly and properly for it determines what you do in the following steps.


Another crucial tip: Get organized. Google Sheets is great for combining all your information and syncing it across platforms.


Why should I get my MBA?

We know, we know. Why in the world would you want to go back to school amidst a move and a business startup? Just hear us out: earning (and yes, you do earn it) your MBA provides you better insight into the complicated world of business. You’ll learn about business management, operations, communications, and more — all of which will help you build the necessary leadership skills you need to keep your business thriving. 


The thought of going back to school may seem tedious, but online courses provide a learn-at-your-own-pace option that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and many more are using to their advantage.

Indeed, starting a business and moving to a new home is a lot to do at one time, but with a game plan and the right kind of assistance, you’ll breeze through both!

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