Glam Tents Are All the Rage… and for Good Reason.

Glam tents are, quite frankly, all the rage. That rage is justified. Not only do glam tents look amazingly distinct, but they also have a number of fun and unique uses. You’ve probably seen plenty of glam tents, but you might never have considered that they could make a fantastic addition to your home. Glam tents can be seriously, well… glam. You can fill them with beautiful furniture and creature comforts, turning them into a cozy, multifaceted space with a whole lot of different uses.  Let’s talk about some of the top reasons why glam tents deserve a spot on your property.

They Make a Great Getaway

Glam tents make an excellent place to get away, even if they’re in your own backyard. They’re particularly nice during times such as these when Coronavirus is making it more difficult to actually get away and do things. Think of them as a sort of temporary escape from all your real-life troubles. Stay out in your glam tent for a couple of nights and see how much better you feel. Plus, it feels like camping, but much much more comfortable.

You Can Use Them to Entertain

Glam tents make a perfect entertainment hub. Trust us, your friends will be seriously impressed if you invite them over for dinner and drinks in your glam tent. Whatsmore, they actually make really incredible guest accommodation. Maybe you have a lot of people coming to stay and not enough spare rooms, or you have friends that would appreciate the privacy and uniqueness of staying in a cozy glam tent for a few nights. 

Turn it into a Secret Escape

Glam tents make great “dens”, even for adults. You can use them as a sort of man or woman cave, or a quiet place to sit and read a book, meditate, maybe get in some morning yoga. They also make a perfect spot to sit out on a warm summer night and star-gaze or enjoy a couple of cocktails. You can even use a glam tent to get away from the kids for a little while. The possibilities are endless...You can pretty much turn a glam tent into any type of secret escape that tickles your fancy. 

They’re Fun for Kids

Not only can a glam tent be a spot to escape from kids, but it can also make an excellent place for them to play. Turn your glam tent into a fun camping experience right in your own backyard. In fact, it’s an amazing way to let your child have a good time with their friends. Let your kids have a sleepover in the glam tent and you might actually get some sleep, too. 

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