Calabasas Thanksgiving With a Pandemic Twist

Holiday News and events near Calabasas to brighten up your 2020 Thanksgiving.

As with almost every other holiday that’s happened in 2020, Thanksgiving is going to be a little… well, different. With Covid still disrupting normal events and holidays across the country, your usual Thanksgiving traditions may (sadly) have to take a backseat this year.

Stormy Weather Alert 

Sure, it’s a little perturbing to have yet another holiday ruined by an ever-raging global pandemic, but in actuality, that might be a good thing this year. We know, you’re sick of quarantine and store closures and rummaging around in search of your mask, but hear us out. Southern California is expected to be hit with record-breaking low temperatures and stormy conditions over the holiday weekend. Thunderstorms and temperatures in the 30s and 40s, and even a chance of snow, are expected to pummel Calabasas during Thanksgiving. Under normal circumstances, this might foil your Thanksgiving travel or Black Friday shopping plans. However, this year, it’s just another reason to stay cozied up on the couch with a tummy full of Turkey, eating far too much pumpkin pie. 

Black Friday Goes Cyber

Black Friday is a beloved Thanksgiving event that just isn’t going to be the same in 2020. Many large shopping centers and retailers are skipping their usual in-store madness in an attempt to adhere to guidelines and prevent the spread of the virus. While this may be extremely disappointing, particularly for those who consider a midnight Black Friday shopping spree an annual tradition, all is not lost. 

In-store shopping this year has been mostly replaced by cyber shopping, where the only virus you can catch is on your computer, and Black Friday is going to be no different. Online sales will run rampant, so while it might be disappointing not to be able to enjoy the Black Friday hysteria in person, you’ll still be able to snag plenty of killer deals online. For those who would prefer at least some real-life action on Black Friday, certain stores in the Los Angeles area are offering the option to purchase tickets or time-slots for shopping. In an attempt to keep in-store crowds to a minimum, retailers like Lulu Lemon are selling early access passes to their stores from 8 am - 10 am on Friday, November 27th. To book your ticket, simply visit the Lulu Lemon Beverly Hills website.

Enjoy Maker’s Outdoor Market

For those who might enjoy a nice nostalgic winter afternoon outside, the Maker’s Market in Chatsworth is selling an array of beautiful handmade items at their outdoor market on Sunday, November 22nd. The event is free but does require registration, and Covid protocols will be enforced. To register for a slot you can visit their website or register through Eventbrite. 


Plant Food + Wine do Thanksgiving Dinner the Right Way

Maybe you hate the stress of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe you prefer a healthier but equally delicious meal that doesn’t involve masses of Turkey. If either of those sounds like you, here’s a yummy solution. Plant Food + Wine, Matthew Kenney’s stunning restaurant in Venice, is open on Thanksgiving Day. They’re offering diners a plant-based and sustainable 6-course feast (with the bonus of an optional wine- pairing). If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you’ll need to book in advance. Spots can be reserved through the restaurant website, Eventbrite, or directly through Open Table.

Those delightful Thanksgiving events that usually make it on to our calendars during November may have to be skipped this year, but that doesn’t mean this festive holiday needs to be completely canceled. This time next year we’ll hopefully be back to normal; ushering dozens of extended family members into our homes for a feast, or shoving fellow shoppers aside to snag the best bargains.

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