Amber Heard Off the Grid in Yucca Valley Home

The recently wrapped up Depp v. Heard defamation trial was full of bizarre information and unexpected reveals. Still, arguably one of the most surprising was when Amber Laura Heard, the “Aquaman” star, confirmed that she was currently residing in Yucca Valley, California.

Why is this such a surprise? Amber Heard is known as a glamorous Hollywood actress who once dated Elon Musk. When married to Johnny Depp, they had extravagant homes located in beautiful settings worldwide. Now, she’s residing in a small, anonymous town in the Mojave Desert, 120 miles east of Los Angeles.

Interestingly, Heard’s name does not appear on the deed; however, it seems as though the house is currently owned by a mysterious trust with direct links to Heard.

In early 2019, the trust quietly acquired a six-acre estate for $570,000. The purchase was made before the coronavirus pandemic sent desert home prices soaring, so it's likely that the property is now worth more than the 2019 number. The land is located near Joshua Tree National Park and has a variety of desert plants and animals.

Located deep in California's San Bernardino County, Yucca Valley is a town of 20,000 people. The nearest "major" destination is Joshua Tree National Park, roughly 10 miles east, though the city is 27 miles north of Palm Springs and 55 miles east of San Bernardino.

With its arid climate and dust-blown streets, Yucca Valley conjures up images of a classic Wild West desert town. However, the town has only been in existence since the early 20th century; it was initially founded as a base camp for workers building a local railroad line.

Despite its unassuming appearance, Yucca Valley has played host to several famous faces. In addition to serving as a filming location for several Hollywood movies, the town has also been home to celebrities like Robert Plant and Jefferson Starship singer Marty Balin. So while it may not be the most bustling metropolis, there is undoubtedly something unique about this little desert town.

Heard’s Yucca Valley estate sits on almost 6 acres, with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths; it also has

2,457 square feet of living space. The home was built in 2015 and boasts an attached 3-car garage, as well as being naturally landscaped, meaning mostly maintenance-free for Heard’s peace of mind — no thirsty non-native landscaping or pesky irrigation systems to complicate things.

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