7 Signs It’s Time to Find a New House


Perusing real estate listings or looking up pictures of your dream house are favorite pastimes of many, but it can be hard to know when it’s time to actually start looking for a new house. Thankfully, several signs should alert you that it’s time to speak with a real estate agent and begin looking for your next house.


1. Your family size is changing.

Whether you are welcoming another child or becoming an empty nester, a changing family size is one of the most common signs that it’s time to find a new house. You might feel that your current house is bursting at the seams with toys, backpacks, and children’s clothing, or you might find that you are tired of maintaining a large house with so many of the bedrooms currently empty. No matter why your family size is changing, you should certainly consider upgrading or downsizing to a new house that better fits your needs.


2. You’re tired of your commute.

Driving a long commute or one involving high-traffic areas can be frustrating for anyone, and if you find yourself dreading your daily commute, you should consider it a sign to consider looking for a new house. Finding a new house that is better located for your lifestyle will make a large impact on your daily routine and will save you time which you can devote to other interests. When looking at potential houses, you should consider your work commute and also how accessible a house is to areas of your city that interest you such as restaurants, outdoor activities, or entertainment venues.


3. The crime rates are rising in your neighborhood.

You should always feel safe in your house and neighborhood, and if you start to notice a rise in your neighborhood’s crime rates, you should look into selling your house while you can still receive the most value for it. If you wait a few years, you might find that your home value decreased and there aren’t as many buyers interested in your neighborhood.


4. Your dreams and hobbies aren’t possible in your current house.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a garden but your current backyard is too small, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to have a home theater but there’s no space in your current house. Whatever the reason, if your current house doesn’t allow for your dreams and hobbies to happen, you should take it as a sign to start looking for a new house.


5. It’s hard for you to physically move around in your house.

Another sign that it’s time to find a new house is that your current house isn’t set up to handle your physical needs. It could be that the layout isn’t open enough for a wheelchair or walker to easily maneuver around in, or it could be that the stairs are burdensome to climb. Whatever the reason, if it becomes a challenge for you to move around in your house, you should immediately begin looking for a house that better fits your physical needs.


6. You’re tired of performing the upkeep and maintenance.

Whether it’s mowing the grass, vacuuming the house, or keeping up with repair work, if you’re tired of performing the upkeep and maintenance, it’s time to find a new house. If your heart isn’t into your chores and responsibilities, it will quickly become an annoyance to you and take away time from activities you would enjoy more. If you realize a fixer-upper house wasn’t the best choice for your lifestyle or find that you don’t enjoy cleaning a large house on a regular basis, you should consider looking for a house that you would actually enjoy caring for.


7. You’ve had a change in finances.

A change in finances could be a number of things from job loss to unexpected bills, but it is certainly a sign that it might be time for you to find a new home. Even if you move to a less expensive home for only a few years, it could save you money and help keep you financially on track.

Whether you’re looking for a new house because you want a shorter commute or you want a house with less upkeep, it’s important to reflect on if now is the right time for you to begin looking for a new house. If you don’t enjoy your current house, you should begin speaking with a real estate agent who can help find you a house that better fits your needs and lifestyle.

* Written by Valerie Cox, a contributing writer for North American Van Lines. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, playing with her dog, and volunteering in her local community.

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