5 Projects To Boost Your Home's Value and Selling Speed


Selling your home can be a long and stressful process. If you lay the right groundwork and get a good agent, though, you can sell it more quickly at a higher price. Check out these tips for increasing your selling price while decreasing your house's time on the market. 


1. Boost Curb Appeal

The first thing people see when they’re looking at your home is how it looks from the outside. This extends to your yard, driveway and other outdoor spaces, and you need to make a great first impression with these if you want your home to sell quickly at a good price. Consider your curb appeal and make an honest assessment of where your home could use outside improvements. 


Professional landscaping is an invaluable tool in increasing the property value of your home. Search online to find local landscape companies and to see which ones have great reviews and reasonable prices. Many companies will offer deals or promotions from time to time, so check to see if any might apply to your situation.


Many low-cost practices can boost your property value, as well. Painting your front door a striking color can change the entire look of your house and give it a unique focal point. Adding curtains or a swing to a front porch can have a dramatic effect on a home’s appearance. Even smaller items such as replacing your house numbers with more modern numerals or upgrading your mailbox can have a noticeable effect.


2. Make Your Home Smart

As smart technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, the demand for smart technology in the home is increasing. Potential buyers may get a thrill when they see their new home has smart options. Smart home items don’t have to break the bank, either. There are many affordable options, such as smart plugs and lightbulbs, that can have a big impact with little cost.


3. Deep Clean

Buyers are looking for blank slates that they can build their lives in, and the last thing they want to see in a potential home is off-putting dirt and grime. Hire a professional cleaner to give your home the attention it needs. A report from HomeLight showed that a quality deep clean could add over $1,700 to your home’s sale price, so it’s an investment worth making.


4. Spruce Up the Kitchen

Many homeowners consider the kitchen the central room of a house, so if yours is outdated or cluttered, making some improvements can have a serious impact. Painting cabinets and updating hardware are relatively easy ways to change the look of a kitchen, and replacing outdated appliances can get you big returns in sales price.


5. Create an Accent Wall

Repainting a whole room can be time-consuming but creating an accent wall is a relatively cheap and quick way to revive a room that needs updating. Consider painting it a color that complements the décor or trim that will be there when you go to sell. If you’d prefer not to have a single color, opt for wallpaper in a fun print that works well with the theme of the room. Choose a peel and stick variety for easy application and removal if rearranging is necessary.


Sell your home quickly at a great price by putting strategic work into it before listing it with an experienced real estate agent from Frontgate Real Estate. By paying special attention to curb appeal and indoor details that give great returns on investment, you'll give your home the best chance of getting the price it deserves.


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Author: Bob Shannon

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